How It Works

Pick one of our fresh nutrient packed recipes.

All of our recpies are versatile for most dog breeds. We make everything fresh and then freeze our bags for easy storage. Any orders placed by Tuesday will be ready the same week for pick up. Any order after Tuesday will be ready the following week.

Choose your size and subscribe for additional benefits.

You can pick a subscription size based on the size of your dog or how many dogs you have. We suggest choosing multiple flavors for you subscriptions if you would like to vary the meals for your pet. The longer the subscription them more you'll save through us and your trips to the vet!

Your order is delivered every Thursday.

If you place an order on a Tuesday, it will be ready for delivery by Thursday. You can receive your entire order at once or subscribe to have it delivered every Thursday. We thoughtfully package each order and keep everything frozen so you can easily store it once you get it in your fridge. We can include a cooler for easy drop off so your food is safely and thoughtfully stored until you arrive home.

Place Sonny Nation Dog Food in the refrigerater overnight to defrost. Follow our feeding guide to ensure proper serving amounts. Watch how happy your dog is when they get nutrients similar to yours in every dish. You'll be amazed how much of a difference our recipes make.