Our food comes vacuum sealed to ensure freshness. It is frozen you can thaw it out over night in your refrigerator and will it be ready to serve the next day. Once thawed keep refrigerated for up to 4 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my dog can switch to Sonny Nation Dog Food?

Always cunsult with your vet before switching out your current food. Our list of ingrideints is listed for you to share with your vet and see if it fits the nutrients your dog needs.

Can I switch recipes within my subscription plan?

All of our ingridients fit most dog breeds. If you like to give your dog variety you can switch up their meals anytime you like. We suggest purchasing a variety of our recipes and freezing them for storage. You can interchange them throughout you dogs meal plan as you like. Consult the nutrion guide if you want to count your dog's caloric intake.

How long can I store the food for?

You can freeze the food or it can store in your fridge up to 4 days before serving as long as the package is sealed.